Okinawa Goju – Karate Namibia hosts 40th Anniversary Championships

This past weekend on the 29th of June 2019, Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate Namibia hosted their annual National Karate Championships at the SKW Main Hall in Windhoek.

This year’s annual tournament, which featured over 141 contestants, was particularly notable as it marked the 40th Anniversary of the Organisation in Namibia.
The organisation was first started by Sensei Hennie de Vries in 1979 before being handed over to now Chief Instructor, Sensei Carl van der Merwe (7th Dan Black Belt in Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate) in 1999; thus making this his 20th year as Chief Instructor of the organisation.
“This year we celebrate 40 years of Goju-Ryu Karate in Namibia. We pride ourselves in practicing karate not only as a sport but as a way of life. I am very extremely proud of OGKN and how far we’ve come and look forward to many more years as Chief Instructor.”
Besides the action of the day, numerous long-training awards were handed out at the event to commemorate long-standing members of the organisation.
The OGKN would like to congratulate the following individuals for their passion and dedication:
10 Years:
Zephania Kameeta
Joshua Britz
Maxwell Kiessling
Reino Hansen
20 Years:
Willie Viljoen
Jurgen Van Wyk
Stefan Van Der Merwe
Rowan Carstens
25 Years:
Sam Ekandjo
30 Years:
Nico Maritz
35 Years:
Carl Van Der Merwe
Together with the Long-Training awards, OGKN presented several awards for Best Sport Performance in 2018. Okinawa Goju Ryu would like to congratulate the following athletes on their out-standing performances last year:
Children Girls
Requelle Rickerts
Children Boys
Justin Scholtz
Cadets and Juniors Girls
Celine Shilongo
Cadets and Juniors Boys
Carlo Amia
Sylvia Maritz
Stefan Van Der Merwe
The final highlight of the day was the Grand Champion of the Day ceremony in which the 2019 Grand Champion trophies were awarded to the best performances on the day.
The 2019 Okinawa Goju-Ryu Grand Champions are:
Girls – Jewel Slinger
Boys – Carlo Amia
Ladies – Jaydeen Clarke
Brown Belt Men – Heiko Greyvenstein
Black Belts Men – Stefan Van Der Merwe
Finally OGKN would like to thank the sponsors of this year’s tournament:
¾ – Absolute Logistics
¾ – Namibia Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
¾ – Namibia Travel Connection
¾ – Pack Safaris
¾ – Property Valuations Namibia
¾ – PWC
¾ – Speedline Panel Beaters
¾ – Trident Cooling
The next upcoming event for the Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Namibia will be the 2019 World Gishiki and IOGKF 50th Anniversary Seminar that will be taking place in Okinawa, Japan from 29 July – 4 August.

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