Olivier-truck driver faces charge of culpable homicide

The Walvis Bay police confirmed yesterday that the driver of the truck that caused the fatal accident in March in which Walvis Bay businesswoman Mrs Connie Olivier was killed, is investigated for culpable homicide. The docket will be submitted to the Prosecutor-General to consider the merits whether he would be criminally charged, it was explained.

Since another fatal accident on Thursday evening on the B2 coastal road near Vierkantklip, the public again asks critical questions as to why trucks cannot be permanently re-routed to use the MR44 behind the dune belt. The accident on Thursday night was almost to the hour three weeks after the accident in which Olivier was killed.
It has become custom for the Roads Authority to compel drivers of trucks heavier than 5 tons to use the MR44 during every December holiday when holiday traffic surges on all coastal roads.
“Why can this not be a permanent arrangement for trucks to use the back road? I would also hope they make the same arrange-ments for the upcoming Easter long weekend when holiday traffic increases”, a road user asked yesterday.

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