Omaruru River drowning victim’s body recovered

The body of Ronald Tjipundi was recovered on Monday about halfway between Omaruru and Okombahe on a sandbank in the Omaruru River. The 19-year-old drowned in the raging river on 3 March. Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa, regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, confirmed this to namib times.

Tjipundi drowned on that fateful day at about 23:00, when he and a 17-year old girl were on their way to town from the suburb Ozondje. While crossing a feeder of the main river, Tjipundi was swept away by the strong current, while the girl managed to grab hold of a tree branch and saved herself. Shortly after the incident divers were sent to Omaruru to conduct a search of the victim, but they were not successful.
According to residents from Omaruru the flood level in the river has decreased since, prompting some residents to once again drive in some areas of the river with motorbikes. The search on Monday for Tjipundi yielded results, when the body was found on a sandbank about 40 kilometres from town. “The partially decomposed body was recovered. We are still in the process of confirming the deceased’s identity,” Kashuupulwa explained.
Kashuupulwa called on the public to be extra cautious when trying to cross flowing rivers

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