Omulondo residents says Rent-a-drum does not collect refuse

Residents of Swakopmund, Mondesa’s Omulondo suburb are not happy with the services provided by Swakopmund Rent-a-drum. Rent-a-drum truck allegedly does not collect refuse from the yellow bins as they should and no reasonable excuse was given to the residents and now their bins are overflowing with recycling materials and they do not know what to do.

“We were issued with these yellow bins five or six weeks ago, the instructions said we should take these bins out on the days that the municipal refuse truck come to collect their refuse because the refuse from the yellow bins will be collected on that same day as well, but that has not been the case as we have to pull back the full bins every afternoon because they have not been collected. I see the truck collecting the refuse in other areas of town, but not from our Omulondo location and this is not good at all” says the devastated lady who identified herself as Getrude.
After a thorough investigation namib times came to learn that many of the residents’ yellow bins are indeed overflowing with trash, and also found out that many have also gone back to the old ways of throwing recycling material in the municipal refuse bin because the yellow bins are full. Another lady in her late 50’s asked “why did they bring us these bins? We have put in so much effort in using these bins but if the people responsible for these bins are not collecting the bins weekly then what should we do? Again this week have gone by today is Thursday and they were supposed to collect yesterday but they did not come.”
Some residents feel that services offered to residents in Mondesa are not of equal value to the services offered in other suburbs “I am a domestic worker and I see how my employers’ bins are emptied on a weekly basis and my recycling bin have not been collected since I received it, this is the thing that makes me very angry” says Meme Alma a resident of Omulondo, Mondesa.
Swakopmund rent-a-drum is solely responsible for the yellow bins meant for recycling items. namib times got hold of the Business Developer and Public Relations Office Manager of Rent-a-Drum Mr. Rohan Louw and the explanation he gave was that Rent-a-Drum only have one truck for household refuse and it was broken for a couple of weeks but the truck is up and running now “that area is the biggest area and the driver can’t always finish it in one day so he will be there the next day. We want to encourage people to recycle so we will definitely make a plan to cover all the areas on the same day and if somehow we do not show up that day people should please leave their bins outside for the next day, because the truck might come the following day” adds Louw.
Louw further said it is nice to see that Swakopmund in a few months, since they started with the household recycling initiative, Swakopmund household recycling average went up to 55 tons per month compared to Windhoek household recycling that started in 2010 already whose average is at 105 tons a month.

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