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Covid-19 in 2021

The rascal of the calendar, also known as Year 2020, is in its final days. Tens of thousands of people at the coast are ready to settle into the festive mood.

Quality time with family and friends. Time to spend lazy hours along the beach, at camping spots or just relax at home.
To each and everyone of you: your holiday break is well-deserved. 2020 was not an easy year for most people, as the Covid-19 pandemic tightened its grip on our people’s lives, families, our health and on society including the economy.
The good news though is we can determine how 2020 ends. We had no power over how the year started. We had no power to change its course.
However, by sticking to certain fundamental behaviour now, we can over-come the crisis and look forward to normalising our situation in 2021.
From the Directors of the Namib Times, management and staff, it is our sincere wish for all our readers and advertisers to take a well-deserved rest.
As responsible citizens, we need to take each other’s safety and well being into consideration when we go about our holiday activities. That include safety on our roads, safety along the beaches, and to refrain from behaviours that endanger our health or lives, our environment and that of others.
There rests an unprecedented responsibility on each of us to take extra caution to curb the spread of the Coronavirus as we enjoy our holidays. Wearing face masks in public is crucial. Regularly sanitising of hands, social distancing and avoiding crowded places are crucial if we want to end 2020 well by curbing the second wave.
Stay safe and keep well. The Namib Times will publish its first edition of the new year on 8 January 2021. Our offices, both in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, open for business on Wednesday 6 January.

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