Open Market in DRC standing unused

The business community of the DRC informal settlement is increasingly unhappy with the Swakopmund Municipality which constructed an open market for business people in the area, but years have passed during which the facility is unoccupied.
The open market, also known as Omatara, in DRC was built sometime in 2011. There are many people in DRC who sell their products from street corners, because the municipality has not given a go-ahead to use the open market. The open market is now surrounded by shacks, litter and human waste.
During a visit to DRC, namib times spoke to various street vendors to establish if they are interested in using the open market, should Council decide to open it.
One of the vendors, a lady who wished to remain anonymous, said she came to Swakopmund in 2012. She is selling kapana near the open market. “That time the open market was already built but we could not use it because until now the market has not been officially opened. I will be very happy to operate from the open market one day, if the municipality gives us the go-ahead”, said the young lady.
The spokesperson of the Municipality, Ailie Gebhardt, said the only reason the municipality has not yet officially handed over the open market to the community of DRC is because there are no ablution facilities, no water supply nor any electricity at the open market.
“These should be installed in order for the open market to be handed over because of hygienic reasons”, she said. According to her Council intends to first service erven in DRC and will “hopefully budget for the provision of water supply, ablution facilities and lightning to the open market next year in next financial year”, said Gebhardt.
She added that currently the main priority of Council is the provision of houses. That is why DRC is being serviced so that residents receive ablution services, lighting and water. Gebhardt called on residents of DRC to be patient and said the Council intends to have everything ready before the inauguration of the open market.

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