Origin of water body in Fairways now known

Eileen van der Schyff

In a recent article in Namib Times, the newspaper  reported about residents of Fairways in Walvis Bay asking questions as to a body of water forming on an undeveloped piece of land flanked by Tecomaria Street and Nongolo Mbumba Drive.

Namib Times investigated this mystery and found that the water has its origin at a building site near the golf course where a new cell pone tower is to be erected for Telecom Namibia. Walvis Bay poses a peculiar construction challenge when it comes to the digging of foundations.  As the foundation  is dug out, groundwater levels (sea water) accumulates. The deeper the digging goes, the faster the water accumulates and so also the volumes.

Information provided to the Namib Times reveals the contractor has chosen this particular open plot to establish a coffer dam. Water is pumped  from the foundation hole to this coffer dam, resulting  in this body of water growing only a few hundred meters from the nearest houses.  “It is obvious the contractor opted for the cheapest way to handle large volumes of water. Instead of hauling the water away in tanker trucks, is is pumped into this coffer dam”, a disgruntled resident said. Adding, the body of water poses  a risk to small children who can drown in the water and it is not known for how long the water would be standing in that coffer dam after the completion of the  cell pone tower.

“The ground in the area below the water body is saturated and it will take a long time for the water to dissipate.” the resident said. When the contractor was approached with questions, he declined to provide answers.m “Please make an appointment and come and see me at my office. Moreover, on whose behalf do you ask these questions?”, this contractor reacted when approached for comment.

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