Oscars approves Namibia Selection Committee

Winning an Academy Award is now a valid dream for Namibia. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has approved the Namibia International Feature Film Awards Selection Committee.

A 7-member committee of Namibian Creatives and Cinephiles got the greenlight ahead of the 2022 Academy Awards, popularly known as The Oscars.
Easily one of the most coveted movie awards, and glamorous events in Hollywood and the global entertainment calendar, The Oscars, has until now remained ostensibly out of the grasp of the Namibian film industry.
Composed of a diverse group of Namibians, Obed Emvula heads the Namibian Oscars Selection Committee as the chairperson. Other members include Bridget Pickering, Tim Huebschle, Marinda Stein, Abius Akwaake, Richard Pakleppa, and Linda de Jager.
Emvula said: “What emphasizes this promise of a global award for Namibia is evident in our resolve to tell unique stories that reveal our unique realities and that define us as Namibians and as Africans. Therefore, we will not take this humbling opportunity to give a platform to credible Namibian films at the Oscars annually, for granted”.

The committee will call for Namibian entries ahead of the 94th Academy Awards ceremony which will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles; 27 March 2022. This opens an opportunity to all Namibians with eligible and qualifying films to submit without a submission fee charged.

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