Outjo buries her beloved Lindie Prinsloo today

Floris Steenkamp

Residents of Outjo buries their beloved Lindie Prinsloo today. Prinsloo was killed last Friday during a murder suicide incident at the hands of her life partner, Ivan Pitt, in her home in Vineta at Swakopmund.

Prinsloo’s young daughter found her dead on the floor of a bathroom at 5 Harder Street in Vineta last Friday. Prinsloo was laying in a pool of blood and she had a cut wound to the throat.  Hours after the discovery of her body, fingers started to point to one suspect, Ivan Pitt. A man-hunt ensued, but the Police was unsuccessful in every attempt to locate and arrest Pitt who was evading law enforcement officers in Prinsloo’s car.
On Monday of this week an estate agent went to the murder house and made a further shocking discovery. Pitt was hanging by a rope from the rafters of the murder house’s garage. He ended his own life, presumably on Saturday, a day after the murder.
A funeral service is scheduled in Outjo’s Dutch Reformed Church. It was understood that the community will honour Prinsloo with various activities including a public march. The public march will also place a renewed emphasis on gender-based violence which has reached epidemic proportions in Namibia.
Epidemic proportions in that Namibian men harbours an attitude that if he cannot have a woman, nobody else will have that woman. Murder is their solution to the problem and suicide is the coward way out afterwards to escape taking accountability for taking a life.
However, there will also be renewed emphasis on women who too often withdraw domestic violence cases against the perpetrator and often even testifying in the defense of the perpetrator during bail application hearings.
Public calls were made since Prinsloo’s murder that no bail for the alleged perpetrator must become the norm. Calls are also made for Namibian men to change their attitudes and behaviour towards women, but also towards other vulnerable groups like the elderly and children.
Prinsloo was also a founder of the Have-a-Heart Foundation which focuses on pet welfare. She was also a community activist and was residing at Swakopmund since December 2017.

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