OvaHimba Cultural Village now open

Sharlien Tjambari

The OvaHimba Cultural Village near the Martin Luther Museum is now open to the community with OvaHimba exhibitors showcasing their products and services, as well as their cultural music called “Ondjongo” for both tourists and residents alike.

The OvaHimba Cultural Village is also under new management now after the previous manager Marikondjo Tjambiru abandoned the village. The newly-elected Vice-Chairperson of the village, Kakepo Musutua said they are very excited that the OvaHimba Village is now officially open to the public, and that his people will be able to conduct business from the village. “Since its establishment about two years ago, tourists would come to the village, look at it and there was nothing happening, but now we are all excited and happy to share our cultural experiences with the visitors”, said Musutua.

Activities which will be offered at the site are dancing, singing, drum playing, weaving and creation of traditional items such as baskets and preparing of traditional food on fire wood. Swakopmund Councillor Omuiingona Uahimisa Kaapehi urges community members, tourist and the business fraternity to support the OvaHimba community at the cultural centre.

The centre was supposed to be operational from the beginning of April this year but due to problems experienced, the opening was put on hold. “I want to inform the community that the OvaHimba Village is now open to the public, every day from 09:00 till late and every Saturday they have what we call ‘Ondjongo’, a traditional dance”, said Kaapehi.

During the previous council meeting, the Swakopmund Council accepted the offer of Kaapehi to assist with the unification of various OvaHimba cultural groups. Kaapehi further added that he hopes and trust that things will run smoothly.

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