Over two million raised for Narraville old age home

Rudi Bowe

At a fundraising gala dinner held on Friday, 12 November by the Board of Trustees of the Narraville Elderly Home, an amount of well over 2 million was raised for the construction of the old age home in Narraville, Walvis Bay.

Pioneers in the fishing industry, individuals and captains of industry showed their generosity to create the possibility of better living standards for the elderly.
The idea of building an Elderly Home in Narraville originated about 20 years ago when Board Chairman David Williams shared his dream with a few hand-pick friends in Narraville.
The Elderly Home is to give the elderly an opportunity to life happy lives by providing services tailored to their individual needs.
The total construction cost of the Narraville Elderly Home is expected to be around N$22 million (Excluding Vat). The home will consist of a main hall, a clinic and 56 single and double residential units with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and lounge which will be constructed at a cost of N$250 000 per unit.

The Narraville Elderly Home will be constructed in two phases. An amount of N$13 million is needed for the construction of the first phase that will consist of 50 units, the main hall and the clinic, on erven 295 and 328 on the corner of Langenhoven Avenue and Attie Carolissen Street. An amount of N$2.2 million is needed for the second phase for the construction of the remaining 8 units, and preparation of erf 297 in Johannsen Street, at the same site where the current facility for the elderly is located.
Another N$2 million is needed for land clearing, landscaping and landfill. The boundary walls and gates will be erected at a cost of N$380 000.
An additional amount of N$1.5 million is needed for the construction of the main hall while N$1.6 million is needed for the beautification of the landscape and paving of the park. N$1 million is needed for the clinic with equipment, and N$1 million for preliminary and unforeseen costs.
Walvis Bay Mayor Trevino Forbes said the municipal council supports the initiative.
Forbes said, “The current Council is in support of their proposal and I envisioned that the process of being granted in principle approval by Council is sooner rather than later.”

“A successful town is judged by the living standard of its elderly population and the quality of education provided to the youth.”
The mayor urges everyone to be part of the transformation to accomplish this success during our lifetime.

Pledges were received from (with the amount pledged in brackets), ARECHANAB COMMUNITY TRUST – ERONGO MARINE (N$350 000) and (N$100 000) for Rugby Jersey, WESCO ENG+WASTE (N$250 000), EMBWINDA FISHING (N$250 000), CADILLI FISHING (N$150 000) and (N$100 000) for Rugby Jersey, NOVANAM (N$125 000), EHIKA FISHERMAN TRUST (N$101 000), OKAD-HONA FISHING (N$100 000), RDS FISHING (N$100 000), EMERITUS FISHING (N$75, 000), MERLUS MANAGEMENT (N$50 000), LALANDI FISHING LDZ (N$50 000), VENMAR FISHING (N$50 000), NAUTILUS FISHING (N$50 000), BELUGA FISHING – TUNA (N$30 000), TUNACOR FISHERIES (N$30 000), HANGANA SEAFOOD (N$25 000), TORDESILLAS FAMILY – TUNA(N$20 000), MUNICIPALITY – OFFICE OF MAYOR (N$20 000), HIPO ISLE FISHING (N$20 000) and (N$20 000) for the racing shirt, CORVIMA FISHING (N$10 000), LÜDERITZ WATER FRONT (N$5 000), BEN AMADHILA (N$2 000), MARGARETH KLAZEN (N$2 000), FRANCOISE + ROBERTHA (N$1 000), KARIN MALETZKY (N$1 000), THE FOUNDING FATHER (N$1 000), MARTHA UUMATI (N$400) and SEDNEY NUWUSEB (N$400).
An amount of N$202 000 was received from the sales of the tables.

During the event an auction were held where the Karate Uniform that Leonard Martin wore when he won the Karate World Champion in 2001 in Australia, a Racing Shirt of local Rally Driver Allan Martin, and the young local rugby player Chad Plato’s rugby jersey he wore when he played for Namibia at the 2019 Rugby World Cup were auctioned.
The Karate Uniform was brought by Tommy Ikela for N$10 000 with Sonny Ndalumbu from Cadilli Fishing and Erongo Marine Enterprises bought the Rugby Jersey for an amount of N$200 000 and HIPO ISLE Fishing bought the Racing Shirt for an amount of N$20 000.
“On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Narraville Elderly Home, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the Sponsors, Companies and Individuals for their generous donations and gifts at our Gala Evening on 12 November 2021.”
“We thank you all so much. Through your support and generosity we will accomplish our goals.” 2 Sam 2:6 – May the Lord now show you kindness and faithfulness, and we will show you the same favour because you have done this.

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