Owner of impounded dog unhappy with animal control unit

Sharlien Tjambari

They say a dog is a man’s best friend and you cannot easily separate the two. A lady living in Matutura at Swakopmund, who identified herself as Monique, is very upset because officials from the Swakopmund Municipality’s Animal Control Unit went to fetch her dog and took it to SPCA without her permission.

Monique said about three months ago her Boerbull dog bit a child while they were visiting her friend in Matutura. “We don’t have any walls because the location is new and we have just moved in. My dog is not naughty and never bites people but jumps on them as he is very playful.
On that day I was called as my dog allegedly bit a child. I wanted to give her taxi money so she can go to the State Hospital. The victim’s mother re-fused and said she has a medical aid and she was going to take her child to Cottage Medi-Clinic. I told her that I could not afford Cottage, but she insisted. When the victim returned, she had a bill of N$4 000”.
Monique further explained the mot-her of the child wanted her to pay the N$4 000, but she insisted that they show her the doctor’s report. She was refused this request.
The next day the mother allegedly brought the police to her house. The officer was very rude and didn’t want to hear her side of the story, so she chased him away. “For a month we didn’t hear anything from them. Then I received a call from the municipality telling me to keep my dog on a leash and I complied. Two weeks ago however, officials from the animal control unit came to my house and took my dog.
There are many other dogs running around in the streets. These dogs are not taken from their owners. My child was also bitten by a dog here. I reported that incident, but the dog is still on the loose. I am not happy with the way the situation was handled”, said Monique.
Loide, who is the mother of the child who was bitten, counters the allegation and says Monique was very rude and unhelpful.
That include refusing to pay the medical bill.
“That is why I contacted the police. I paid more than N$2 000 for an injection which my girl had to receive because of the bite.
Monique allegedly also took an arrogant stance and threatened to hire the services of her lawyer.
When contacted by the Namib Times, Mr Kambanda who works in the Animal Control Unit said he tried on many occasions to get Monique and her family to go to the child’s house and talk to the mother. Also to assist paying the medical bill. She simply don’t want to co-operate.
I have warned them many times before the incident to put their dog on a leash after neighbours also complained.
People living in the area fear the dog and fear for their own and their children’s safety”, the officer explained. When I exhausted all my options available we went to collect the dog and took it to the local SPCA.
about two weeks ago”. The SPCA confirmed that the dog is still in its care and waits instructions from the municipality.

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