Paratus power station to be upgraded to 40mw

The Paratus power station in Walvis Bay, currently decommissioned because of its aged generating equipment, could return to its former glory in the foreseeable future, according to the Managing Director of Nampower Mr Kahenge Haulofu.

Mr Haulofu made this statement on 14 October this year at the inauguration of Nampower’s new substation at Walvis Bay, which also coincides with Nampower’s twentieth anniversary (Nampower was founded on 1 July 1996).
Moreover, in its new state the power station will have an output of 40 megawatts, almost double to that of newcomer Anixas Power Station that was commissioned at Walvis Bay in 2011 with an installed output of 22,5 megawatts. Anixas power station is situated next to Paratus station.
Paratus power station served Walvis Bay for decades since the seventies, but due to ageing equipment could not sustain its installed output of 24 megawatts. It had to be derated to 12 megawatts and eventually the power station was mothballed.
According to Mr Haulofu Paratus would in the foreseeable future receive brand new, state of the art electricity generating units, anticipated to have an output of 40 megawatts.
According to Mr. Haulofu Nampower made strides since the national utility took over the reign from the pre-Independent SWAWEK. Nampower made significant investments since 1996 to upgrade and expand the capacities of the aged power stations and transmission capacity it inherited from the South West African-era.
Notable is the Ruacana hydroelectric scheme (commissioned in 1978) with an installed capacity of 240 megawatts. Nampower installed a fourth generator at Ruacana which increased electricity output capacity with another 93 megawatts to 332 megawatts. In 2014 Nampower completed a project to replace runners of the inherited three generating units. This increased Ruacana’s capacity further by 15 megawatts, bringing its total output now to 347 megawatts.
Similarly, the von Eck power station at Windhoek (commissioned between 1972 and 1976 with an installed capacity of 120 megawatts) also undergone refurbishments since 2012. The refurbishments are close to completion and will return the power station’s 120 megawatts capacity with a guaranteed baseload output of 90 megawatts, according to Mr. Haulofu.

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