Parents rush for school placement

Piquet Jacobs

This week many parents rushed to the Walvis Bay education circuit office to register their children for the school year of 2022. Although there are still children to be placed Acting Walvis Bay circuit inspector, Joseph Martin, is positive that all children will be accommodated.

The Walvis Bay circuit has managed to place 1 500 Grade 8 pupils in different schools within the circuit, as well as 1 300 Grade 1’s, which have all been placed by 2021. A record keeping list showed 395 unplaced Grade 1’s, although during the week more than half of these children were placed. It was noted by Martin that before further placements can be made, it is important to wait 15 days before filling a spot of a non-returning pupil. Martin further commented, “we have cases of parents who are only coming to look for placement now, we are going to look at these admissions. For parents struggling with placements for grades in the secondary level, we will try to accommodate these children as best we can as we only have four government secondary schools in the Walvis Bay circuit. The situation is not as dire as it used to be in the past.”

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