Team Namibia (TN) and the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in January 2019 to commence with their strategic partnership.

The agreement will lead to a marketing collaboration between the two organisations. Team Namibia will provide access to its traditional and digital marketing platforms to the NTB, through joint campaigns and through predominantly the regular distribution of content in order to reach the Namibian market, and increasingly, to target audiences within the region.
The Namibia Tourism Board will also be encouraged to use and display the trade-marked “Supporter of Team Namibia” logo on its marketing material, both nationally and internationally, as well as to encourage tourism businesses to join Team Namibia as member. This will ensure that the Team Namibia brand will become widely recognised in support of all sectors and industries in Namibia. The most prominent display will be at the upcoming International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin in March, and the Indaba Expo in Durban in May 2019, on the Namibia destination stand.
In addition, there will be collaboration with regard to the attendance and participation at selected local trade fairs, exhibitions and events. In this regard, Team Namibia plans to arrange a business-to-business networking event for Namibian manufacturers, producers and service providers to present their offering to Namibian tourism businesses.
The Namibia Tourism Board supports Team Namibia’s mandate to raise awareness of the need to shop, buy and procure local products and services. Next to facilitating the building of networks between businesses, it also includes the encouragement of local buyers of travel services to explore the tourism destinations and products within Namibia.
Bärbel Kirchner, account director of Team Namibia, says: “Domestic travel generally can have a positive impact on Namibia’s trade balance, especially if Namibians were to spend their discretionary income locally and not only import travel services by travelling to tourism destinations out-side the borders of Namibia.

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