Passenger Albatros the first to dock at new terminal

The passenger liner Albatros becomes the first passenger ship to dock at the new passenger liner terminal in the port of Walvis Bay on 18 October this year.

The passenger liner terminal forms part of the container terminal on reclaimed land in port which will start operations on 24 August.  According to entries on the port log, a total of 26 passenger liner calls are booked for the terminal in the period 18 October 2019 to 26 December 2020. It is not 26 different passenger liners though, as some are making as many as five calls during this period.

On the pictures: the new passenger liner terminal as seen from one of the ship-to-shore cranes. Middle picture: Namport’s port engineer Mr Elzevir Gelderbloem took the Namib Times editor Floris Steenkamp on a guided tour of on one of the ship-to-shore cranes on 16 January this year, the same day on which history was made for Walvis Bay when for the first time in history four passenger ships were alongside simultaneous in the port of Walvis Bay (also pictured on this page).

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