Passports Issuing headaches

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration undertook to inform Namibians this week by means of a press statement what it is going to do about the current shortage of blank passport books and the subsequent lapse in the issuing of new passports.

Namibians are increasingly frustrated, saying the Ministry can at least offer an explanation.
Many are also frustrated by the fact the Ministry only issues emergency travel documents in the last weeks, and that whilst for many years the issuing of emergency travel documents has not been taking place.
For months on end now the Ministry is struggling to keep ahead in the issuing of new pass-ports, as they are running out of blank passport booklets every other week.
The Director of Immigration in the Ministry, Nehemia Nghishekwa, confirmed to a national English daily that the Minister would inform the public this week on the state of affairs with the issuing of new passports.
Until further notice, urged Nghishekwa, Namibians must only apply for new passports when it is absolutely necessary.

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