Peace deal between Widows and Ehika

Rudi Bowe 

A years-long quarrel between the Fishermen Widows Trust and Ehika Fishing in Walvis Bay is now in the past. That is thanks to the intervention by the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resour-ces, Derek Klazen.

Ehika Fishing is 30 % owned by businessman Rojo van Wyk, 15 % by his father Mr Eddie van Wyk and 15 % by Mr Collin Johannes.
The remaining 40 % of the company is owned by the Widows Trust.
In turn, van Wyk junior and van Wyk senior are trustees of the Trust.
However, over the years the members of the trust, comprising some eighty widows from fishermen complained over the way the Trust was managed. They accused van Wyk and van Wyk of a lack of transparency in managing the Trust.
Over time the differences escalated and has been reported to the then fisheries minister Bernhard Esau.
When Klazen took over the reigns from the interim-fisheries minister, Dr Albert Kawana, he vowed to intervene to have the differences solved between the Trust and Ehika’s majority shareholders.
Klazen, who also hails from the closely-knit Narraville community at Walvis Bay knew and understood the quarrel divided this community. Hence the urgency to get the parties to get together and solve the problem.
The outcome: the van Wyk’s resigned as trustees and former school prin-cipal and community activist, Paul Fisher appointed Chairman of the Trust. Leoni Warne is the Acting Chairperson, Vanessa Nash the Secretary, Lizette Williams the Treasurer and Marshallino Ambrosini an additional member.
When Klazen learnt the issue was now put behind the parties, he paid them a personal visit recently. The Minister praised everyone for the spirit of reconciliation, and expressed confidence the Trust will now move forward and carry out its mandate.
“Ehika Fishing is happy that the issue is finally solved and that the community could unite again. We are more than willing to forget the past and support the widows going forward, Mr Rojo van Wyk said during the visit of the Minister.

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