Pedestrian run over

namib times 24-07-15


A pedestrian was run over by a truck Wednesday morning in the vicinity of Pupkewitz, Walvis Bay after he accidentally slipped and landed under the truck.

According to a Walvis Bay traffic officer who was at the scene, the pedestrian sustained minor injuries when the incident ocurred at approximately 07:30.

“The man was running on the pavement. The truck was in the process of parking next to the pave-


The pedestrian in his stride turned his head to look at the truck and ran into a pole on the pavement,  slipped and fell, landing under the moving truck.

He was taken to hospital for further medical care. We believe the driver of the truck is not to blame,” he said.

According to the St Gabriel’s Ambulance Services’ spokesperson who was at the scene, the man was ta-ken to the Walvis Bay State Hospital for further medical care.

“We believe he has a fractured leg,” she concluded.

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