Person savagely beaten and left in the desert “to die”

A man, suspected to be in his early 40s, was savagely beaten and “left to die” in the desert in the vicinity of Henties Bay road. The unidentified man was found yesterday morning by members of the police who are still stumped about what exactly transpired.

Reliable sources revealed to namib times yesterday that an unknown person phoned the police early in the morning and informed the members about the person lying in the desert. Initially a state ambulance was sent out, but medics could not find the person. A short while thereafter members of the police discovered the person lying in the desert.
The person was described as semi-conscious, but was unable to speak. He was crying and was initially afraid of the police. “He was severely traumatized,” a source on scene revealed. According to the source the man was savagely beaten and sustained possible internal bleeding, broken ribs, and bruises all over his body. He was suspected to have been lying in the desert for hours as he was suffering from severe hypothermia – a severely low body temperature. The incident is suspected to have happened sometime between Sunday evening and early Monday morning.
The police found various broken bottles and a pipe lying in the vicinity suggesting these were some of the weapons used during the assault. “We could also see tyre marks around the person suggesting the people were spinning around the victim,” a source revealed.
Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, was not yet aware of the incident when contacted by namib times. So far nobody knows exactly what happened. The source revealed that it looked like the person was “left to die.” There were no documentation, a cellphone or similar found on the victim to identify him.

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