Philanthropic Muller gives back

The philanthropic Delano Muller recently donate a wheel-chair, a walker, soccer balls, goalkeeper equipment and soccer attire to Ricardo Haeseb, a disabled 14-year-old boy in Khorixas.

Muller said he received a letter from Haeseb who lost his legs in an accident in early childhood, asking him for assistance of a wheelchair or prosthetic legs. Muller bought the equipment with the prize money he won at the 2021 Namibia Annual Sports Awards and donated it to Haeseb.
As part of his initiative ‘making sports accessible to everyone together’ Muller travelled from Walvis Bay to Khorixas to deliver the equipment to Haeseb. Muller had a very successful weekend with Haeseb and a group of children, playing soccer and teaching them self-defence.

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