Pilchard quota announcement only after 28 December

The pelagic fishing industry’s hopes were dashed that a pilchard quota announcement would be made by day end yesterday. News were however, that Fisheries Minister Bernhardt Esau is currently out of the country and would only make an announcement after 28 December upon his return.

A total allowable catch (TAC) of 25 000 tons of pilchard was awarded to the pelagic fishery for the 2015 season. The pelagic fishing sector comprises two segments – the fleet of purse seiner vessels that are either owned by one of the four pelagic fishing companies in Walvis Bay or by private ownership.

The fleet of purse seiners offload pilchard catches at two canneries in Walvis Bay, one at Etosha Fishing Enterprises and the other United Fishing Enterprises. One of the most recognised brands, Lucky Star Pilchards, are produced at these canneries.


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