Pioneer of Walvis Bay’s ship chandling industry Maria Engelbrecht dies

The death of Mrs Maria Engelbrecht at the age of 80 occurred in Walvis Bay on Wednesday. Engelbrecht was seen as the founder of Walvis Bay’s ship chandling industry. Engelbrecht arrived in Walvis Bay’s as a young girl of 18 in 1955. She was the founder of the first ship chandlers and also Portuguese market garden and Portuguese liquor wholesalers. A well-known person in the business and sport section. Also a very important member not only of the Portuguese community, but also of the whole of Walvis Bay community. She was a very charitable person, she would help wherever it was needed and she was a devoted Catholic and dedicated member of the Stella Maris Parish. She was very involved in the good works of the church and the community of Walvi Bay, Kuisebmond and Narraville. Her presence will surely be missed among all who knew her and those whose lives she touched.

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