Platz am Meer copes amidst weak economy

Sharlien Tjambari

As Namibia’s first ever coastal shopping centre, the Platz am Meer lifestyle centre in Swakopmund has been facing a few challenges just like many other businesses, but it seems like rumours about it struggling to keep up and having very few tenants is not true.
The mall offers customers simply one of the most unique and beautiful shopping and lifestyle venues in the country. With luxury apartments, ample retail and stunning seaside eateries you will find unrivaled variety, safe parking and great entertainment all at one convenient stop. With Platz am Meer’s restaurants winning some serious awards and receiving so many rave reviews on social media, it has become one of the most popular destinations at the coast.
The Platz am Meer shopping centre will celebrate its second birthday in September this year, it is a young and growing centre but has become a Namibian landmark that the local community can be proud of. The beautiful promenade has become a popular venue for live entertainment and events.
With its charming setting on the ocean the mall, Henrike Pienaar of Safari Investment Namibia said the mall was chosen as the new finish line of the Nedbank Desert Dash bike race, set to finish here this year on 8 December. This popular race crosses the desert with 373 km of mountain biking by riders in 24 hours. The race attracts about 1 000 riders together with 400 back-up vehicles supporting their teams. Over 4 000 spectators are expected at the finish line this year.
Of course being located in such a pristine marine environment, property owners’ Safari Investments say they went to great lengths to ensure their centre works in harmony with nature by limiting waste and conserving energy. Platz am Meer generates its own solar power and uses architectural features to provide natural airflow and light. Pienaar further said these innovative green design features helped Platz am Meer win a prestigious SACSC International Shopping Centre Design and Development Award in 2017. “The vision of the developer was that this should not be an exclusive development, but a concept that will cater for and attract the wider Namibian community. They managed to transform this valuable coastal property into an accessible and inviting destination for all to enjoy”, added Pienaar. Today it offers opportunities, employment, and business initiatives that are claimed and cultivated for the better of the people. It has also become a retail and leisure destination of choice for those from other towns along the coast. The Platz am Meer Marina is set to receive final approval to be in operation in the near future. “By playing host to a variety of small sea craft, sail boats and yachts, the Marina is set to become the first-of-its-kind recreational small-craft harbour in Namibia. With Scenic Tours and Pleasure Cruises departing from site, the Marina will not only aid the local tourist trade, it will also add to the unique atmosphere and setting of Platz am Meer as a waterfront’, said Pienaar. Preparations for the coming festive season are already underway and the Swakopmund community and visitors can expect great entertainment and events amongst twinkling Christmas lights together with wonderful retail variety, award winning tastes and unrivalled natural beauty. Pienaar confirmed that most of the retail and office space is already occupied and that there is only a limited amount of retail and office space available at the centre. There are also luxury residential maisonettes and penthouses available to buy, or some units to rent for short term holiday accommodation. There has been accusations that the mall is built on state owned land, but Pienaar could however not share any information on the ownership status of the mall.

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