Playtime Youth Development Trust

Playtime Development Trust has been established to assist with the development of youth sports talent at the coast. There are three trustees of the Trust with existing beneficiaries. The main aim of the trust is to solicit sponsors for different sport development programs within different sporting bodies.
At this point the Trust only caters for soccer and cricket in Walvis Bay. The aim is to identify other sport bodies at the coast which have a specific need. Companies on board so far are Camoposatu Investments, Vernier Investments, Langer Heinrich, EBH and Belmet Engineering.
Spectators and sport lovers were treated to a good game of cricket on Saturday morning, at the Sparta sports field in Walvis Bay. The event was sponsored by Playtime and was a farewell to the ten cricket girls that have been selected to represent Namibia U/19 in the upcoming tournament in Botswana.
These girls have progressed through the cricket development programme, organised and supported by various stakeholders such as !Nara Primary School, Blue Waters Sport Club, Welwitchia Cricket, Cricket Namibia and Playtime Youth Development Trust. The founder and one of the trustees of Playtime, Mr Sandro de Gouveia, was proud to present the girls with a spon-sorship for the envisaged trip to Botswana.
Mr de Gouveia further said: “I am extremely proud of the achievements of our cricket girls. Their continuous efforts and hard work on and off the pitch. They are true role models for our youth. With the support of our various sponsors, we can continue with our development programme”.
None of this would have been possible without the help of companies such as Camoposatu Investments, Vernier Investments and others. Over the last few years, through the development programme of Playtime, more than 10 girls have made the Namibian youth team in their respective age groups.
Others had the opportunity to simply play and enjoy the game whilst learning about respect, discipline, comradery and team work.
All these values are considered to be the building blocks of the Playtime Youth Development Trust.
More information about the Playtime Youth Development Trust will be published in future editions of namib times.

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