Police at Usakos arrest three drug dealers

N$40 000 worth of Mandrax and cannabis off the streets

This week, on Wednesday morning around 04:00 three men were arrested in separate anti-drug operations at Usakos, with the police taking cannabis and Mandrax tablets worth around N$40 000 off the streets in that small Erongo community where drug abuse is becoming an increasing social concern.
The arrests were carried out in the Saam Staan location as well as Build-Together location.
The first man, Oswald Hochobeb (47), was arrested in Saam Staan at 04:20 for dealing in 19 full, one half and a quarter of Mandrax tablets, valued at N$1 995.
The second suspect, Samuel Naobeb (42) was arrested just twenty minutes later, also in Saam Staan. He was found to be in the possession of 76 full, 35 quarters and one half Mandrax tablets as well as 2,18 kg of cannabis with the combined value at N$30 325.
The third suspect, 57-year old Christians Philander was arrested at 04:50 at the Build-Together location for dealing in 682 grams of cannabis valued at N$6 820.
The drug breakthrough was confirmed by Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police crime investigations coordinator for Erongo.
All three suspects already made first court appearances.

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