Police clamps down on poachers in Uis and Otjimbingwe

The police in the Erongo region has arrested four people this week on charges of illegal hunting and stock theft. This was confirmed by deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo.

According to Iikuyu the first case was reported on Tuesday (13 June) in the small settlement of Uis. Two suspects were arrested early in the morning after they allegedly stole a donkey and slaughtered it without the owner’s consent. After they slaughtered the animal they then allegedly hid some of the meat in the field and the rest they kept in their bedroom. The meat was recovered and the value of the stolen animal is estimated at N$1 000.
The second case was reported on Wednesday (14 June) on the farm Wilsonfontein in the vicinity of Otjimbingwe. “It is alleged that two suspects riding donkeys with six dogs, armed with a panga, spears and a knife, entered the farm and poached one oryx,” Iikuyu said. The suspects were caught red-handed whilst they were busy slaughtering the oryx. The police recovered the whole carcass. The two suspects, aged 47 and 25 respectively, are set to make their first appearance in the Karibib Magistrates court today (16 June).

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