Police declare war against crime – “What can you as an individual do?’’

namib times 19 June

The Namibian Police Force in the Erongo Region will launch a ‘Turn Back Crime’ campaign tomorrow, at 9:00, at the Kuisebmond Stadium. Walvis Bay Urban Constituency Councillor Mr Hafeni Ndemula, along with Commissioner //Hoebeb and Deputy Commissioner Nelumbu gave the media a brief background to the campaign earlier.

“The Turn Back Crime campaign is Interpol’s glo-bal awareness campaign which highlights the dangers of organised crime and its effects on our day-to-day lives.

It also aims to reduce the impact of crime by enga-

ging people to keep themselves safe from crime and to understand the wider implications of organised crime in society,” Nde-

mula said.war against crime 10857788_831470193566804_4147359460013376217_n

The primary focus of the campaign is on organised crime and how it infiltrates many different facets of citizens’ lives everyday.

The campaign aims to make people aware of the extent to which crime networks drive many crimes today, how they can protect themselves, and not inadvertently support it.

“Over the past few years Namibia as a whole and Erongo Region in particular have been witness to an increase in cases related to violence against women and children, drug abuse, poaching of rhino horns and elephant tusks, resulting in the loss of precious lives, destruction of families, loss of State revenue and depletion of natural resources.

Action is therefore needed, not only from the police but also from business, government, private sectors, faith-based organisations and individuals. All should play their part in preventing these fateful forms of crimes.

Interpol’s Turn Back Crime campaign is one tool which can help Namibia achieve this. The campaign targets a wide range of people across all sectors of society.”

He says with the support of all community members, the campaign reaches right down to consumers, indivi-

duals, families and reaches right up to decision makers, business leaders and governments. “As Nami-

bians we need to know that we can play a role. To fight organised crime effectively requires action at all levels.

This is the logic behind the campaign’s theme – toge-

ther we can turn back crime.”

He warns that Namibians are also very ignorant when it comes to crime, but says they sure  know when to complain.

“People from all walks of life in Erongo Region are therefore invited to come in numbers to the launch of the ‘Turn Back Crime’ campaign.”

This is a country-wide campaign, and this campaign has been launched in Oshakati.

“We have been assigned as Regional Commanders to launch this in all regions,”

Commissioner //Hoebeb said.

At the media briefing it also came to light that the two most prevalent crimes in the Region are assault cases

usually associated with alcohol abuse and housebreakings.

Stock-theft has also drastically decreased in the region. For more information visit the website which is managed by INTERPOL Headqautres: www.turnbackcrime.com.


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