Police exempted from paying landing fees at Swakopmund

Starting this month (1 April 2017) the Ministry of Safety and Security is exempted from paying landing fees at the Swakopmund Aerodrome. The Swakopmund Town Council decided this at the recent meeting after and approved the request by the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Sebastian Ndeitunga.

Ndeitunga sent a letter to the municipality in February this year requesting Town Council to in future exempt the police from paying landing fees at the Aerodrome. “The Namibian Police helicopters are used during combating of crime and rescue missions thus from time to time will have to land at Swakopmund Airport for refueling. The Police helicopters landings per year were very low in the past and mainly depends on the crime combating or rescues missions that were needed in Erongo Region,” Ndeitunga wrote. He motivated his request by stating that the police provide a valuable and essential service to the town and the region.
According to a statement attached to the Agenda the helicopter conducts about one landing per month in Swakopmund.
After considering the above Town Council approved the request as the operations are of national interest. Currently the Ministry has an outstanding amount payable of N$2214.01. “If considered favorably, the mentioned balance can be settled against revenue of the landings,” it states in the Agenda.

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