Police issue safety warnings

Isaac Chikosi

Violent crimes against women and children continue despite awareness raising efforts by various groups and individuals. Perpetrators take advantage of the cover of darkness and secluded areas.

Those walking alone are very vulnerable especially those who walk from as far as the DRC community to work and school. The police sent out warnings to especially children going to school to be extra cautious. “It is very dark and misty during this time of the morning and people need to be cautious especially with children(girls) going to school”, said Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Gurirab, the acting Regional Crime Investigations Co-ordinator.
An incident where a woman was attacked, and her phone was taken when she was walking to work early on Tuesday morning initiated these warning that were issued by the police.
According to police reports a fight ensued when the thug attempted to undress the resisting woman which resulted in the woman sustaining an injury in her face. The woman dropped her phone during the assault and the thug allegedly picked it up and ran away. Cases of attempted rape, theft and common assault were opened.

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