Police on high alert after attack on elderly person in Henties Bay

The Namibian Police in Erongo is on high alert, following yet another savage attack on an elderly person.
The elderly person was attacked in her home in Henties Bay on Monday.

One elderly lady was killed in a home invasion in Swakopmund’s Kramersdorf suburb on 20 April and only a few weeks prior to that two elderly people were attacked in their home in Vineta in Swakopmund.
The latest attack on Monday in Henties Bay placed the Police on high alert.
In a media briefing at police headquarters in Walvis Bay on Wednesday police public liaison officer Inspector Ileni Shapumba urged the public to step up safety measures at residences where the elderly live.
Home security systems need to be improved or installed where there is none. That includes securing doors and windows, as in the case where the elderly lady was murdered in Swakopmund, her attacker or attackers gained entry through a window without burglar bars.
Children and other relatives of elderly persons also need to get involved to secure the homes where the elderly live.
When employing people at the these homes, background checks of the persons that will come and work there needs to be conducted, suggested Inspector Shapumba.
Neighbourhood Watch formations also need to assess the situation with the elderly in their areas of operation. Ensure to regularly check up on the elderly people and bring weaknesses in the security systems under the attention of their children, or other people looking after their wellbeing.
“In the case of the murder of the elderly Mrs Lohmeier in Swakopmund recently, I call upon the public to come forward with information that could lead to the arrest of the person or person who have committed this heinous crime.
The killer/s are from the Swakopmund community and they returned to the same community after committing the murder. The guilty ones live among us, and only our information can lead arrests and return our neighbourhoods to safety again”, he urged.

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