Police still investigating armed robbery

namib times 24-07-15

The armed robbery that ocurred next to Kleinest Nest in Walvis Bay on Sunday night, is still under investigation and the suspects remain at large. A Korean man was injured after five men broke into his house and escaped with his belongings.

The newspaper spoke to the victim himself who said “I unfortunately cannot comment as I am very busy and will only be able to comment at a later stage.”

Chief Inspector Matongo told the newspaper yesterday that Nampol is still investigating the matter.

No arrests have been made yet.

The newspaper visited the victim’s house on Wednesday where the incident ocurred and spoke to relatives of the Korean man, as he was not there for comment at the time.

“He heard someone tampering with the front door at around 22:45 Sunday night. Five men entered the house after they broke through the door.

Two of them were downstairs, grabbing a laptop and a cellphone, while the other three suspects ran upstairs where the shooting ocurred.

The Korean man hit one of the suspects with a wooden martial arts object. A suspect shot at the victim several times, and one of the bullets scraped his leg. The victim contacted his colleague for help.

His colleague immediately contacted the police. The men escaped through the front door,” a relative said.

According to this relative there was another break-in last year at the same house, where robbers stole a television set and a briefcase.

“We are in the process of installing maximum security to prevent this from happening again, as we are quite traumatised by what ocurred,” she said.

“We suspect that the intruders were under the impression that we keep cash in the house, but we do not keep any cash here,” she concluded.

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