Police still searching for truck driver after Usakos inferno

Many questions and little answers: The police in the Erongo region is still searching for a truck driver, suspected to be a Zambian national, who disappeared on Friday evening after three trucks burned out completely in Usakos. One Namibian truck driver, Lisias Amukushu, sustained severe burn injuries and is still in a critical condition while a third truck driver escaped unharmed.
The cause of the blaze, which started at about 19:45 on Friday evening, is still unknown. “We are investigating the fire incident but we are not ruling out arson,” said deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, to namib times.
According to Iikyu the first truck to stop at the open area opposite the Shell Service Station was a refrigerator truck with a Zambian registration (BCA 4011). The truck was apparently parked at the spot of the incident for about a week after it had broken down. During the afternoon on Friday a tanker truck, belonging to Grindrod Fuel Logistics Company, transporting 44 680 liters unleaded petrol parked next to the first truck.
Later that same afternoon a third refrigerator truck [Zambian registration number ACX2532] also transporting fish parked next to the fuel truck. “Shortly thereafter the said refrigerator truck started burning and the fire spread quickly to the other trucks,” Iikuyu said.
The incident raises many questions, as the driver of the truck where the fire allegedly started is missing. There is also no indication that he was injured during the incident. “We do not know his identity and believe he is a Zambian national. We are currently busy tracing his employer,” Iikuyu continued.
The police is further puzzled as the fuel tanker truck and the refrigerator truck were traveling from Walvis Bay to Zambia, yet when they parked they faced back to Walvis Bay again.
The driver of the tanker truck, Lisias Amukushu, a Namibian male, sustained serious burn injuries all over his body during the incident and he was initially admitted at the Usakos State Hospital and thereafter transferred to Windhoek for further medical treatment. “He is still in critical condition. He is still unable to speak about what transpired,” Iikuyu added. The driver of the broken truck, Luka Kabue, a Zambian National, escaped unharmed. He was allegedly sleeping when the fire broke out and managed to escape the blaze. The third driver was still missing at the time of going to print.

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