Police warning public about random police patrols

Sharlien Tjambari

This year, police have set up both mobile and permanent roadblocks in all towns including Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Karibib to deter crime and prevent accidents on the roads, this was mentioned by Erongo Regional Commander Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu during festive season briefing on Friday.

According to Nelumbu, the police will conduct random patrols and other crime prevention operations to increase police officer’s visibility and they will be able to respond to the pressing needs of the community during the holidays. “I should warn motorists, drivers and even passengers to be prepared for the journeys. Drive safe, stick to the speed limit and respect the rules on the road. Ensure your vehicles fitness, tyres and avoid overloading and the public should report suspicious behaviours on the road to the police”, said Nelumbu.
Nelumbu further urged drivers to cooperate with the police by knowing the suspicious people they load onto their vehicles and to report them immediately. The community is urged to watch over their property and that of their neighbours. “We encourage people to swim at designated places and if you can’t swim, do not attempt to swim, avoid alcohol misuse and also avoid visiting unsafe places at night”, concluded Nelumbu.
The festive season briefing took place at Yianni Savva Police Station/roadblock site on 7 December. The festive season operation for 2018/19 commenced on 26 November.

The Namibian Police’s traffic unit is only a call away this holiday season, thanks to several dedicated cell phone numbers to dial for each of the coastal towns as well as Karibib and Omaruru. It is crucial to save these numbers on your cell phone, in order to notify traffic officials of incidents of reckless behaviour on the roads and also in the event of accidents.
In the event of noticing or experiencing reckless behaviour of other road users, or suspecting an incident of drunken driving for in-stance, it is important to pay attention to the description of the suspect’s vehicle: colour, if possible type of vehicle, visible marks like a bumper sticker etc and of course most importantly a number plate.
It is advisable for drivers who are traveling with passengers to immediately alert these passengers to identify the various features of the vehicle and if possible even taking a picture with a cell phone of the suspect vehicle. Don’t try and do these things yourself whilst driving, as you could up be the one causing an accident.
The numbers are:
Walvis Bay: 081 333 0449.
Swakopmund: 081 202 8391.
Henties Bay: 081 657 0704.
Karibib: 081 711 9482.
Omaruru: 081 657 0703.

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