Portugal Day celebrated

Portugal day is a national holiday celebrated by the Portuguese nation every year on June 10. The official designation is “Day of Portugal, Camoes and the Portuguese communities” effectively remembering the great poet Camoes and all Portuguese people living abroad.

For more than 10 million people this is an unique opportunity to display their heritage, ethnic pride and a history of more than 800 years as a nation.
Although well integrated in the Namibian society, the Portuguese living here are very proud of their roots, culture and traditions. Once a year, they get together to enjoy traditional cuisine, music, dance and, at the same time, teaching the young generations about their heritage.
On Saturday,8 June, the Portuguese community in Namibia celebrated PORTUGAL DAY.
This year the celebrations took place in Walvis Bay.
Dr Fernando Araujo, the Portuguese ambassador in Namibia, lead the official celebrations bringing together dignities, invited guests and the community in general.
After dinner the “festa” started to sound of South Africa singer “GINA” who created an atmosphere enjoyed by all.

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