Practical Shooting Association held its 4th Nationals

This past weekend saw the Namibian Practical Shooting Association’s fourth Nationals being hosted at the Swakopmund Practical Shooting Club range in Swakopmund. This is the final National Competition in the Practical Shooting calendar for this year and by all accounts it was a fun and challenging match.

A total of 17 shooters competed in four Handgun Divisions on the Saturday, with 11 shooters entering the Rifle and Shotgun matches on the Sunday.
This is the first time in a number of years that a National Competition was hosted by the Swakopmund Practical Shooting Club and it was a great success. The Swakopmund Practical Shooting Club has raised the bar in the way they set up the stages and arranged the Match and a special word of thank you are due to them, said Namibian Practical Shooting Association Chairman, Mr Rico Viljoen.
The Handgun Match was shot over nine stages and in the end the following shooters were triumphant.
Standard Division: Gold: Rico Viljoen (Gold), Corné du Plessis (Silver),
Open Division: H Dedekind (Gold), Pieter du Plessis (Silver) and Ivan Vogl (Bronze)
Open Super Senior Division: H Dedekind (Gold), Ivan Vogl (Silver)
Production Division: Jorn Schmidt-Dumont (Gold), Dawid van der Merwe (Silver), Stavros Beukes (Bronze)
Production Division Senior: Valdemar Swart (Gold)
Production Division Ladies: Erika Cleghorn (Gold)
Classic Division: Jason Sivertsen (Gold), Jorn Schmidt-Dumont (Silver)
The Rifle Match was shot over four stages and in the end the following shooters were triumphant:
Semi-Automated Standard Division: Jason Sivertsen (Gold), Valdemar Swart (Silver), Corné du Plessis (Bronze)
Semi-Automated Standard Senior Division: Valdemar Swart (Gold)
Semi-Automated Open Division: Rico Viljoen (Gold), Jorn Schmidt-Dumont (Silver), Jaco Opperman (Bronze)
Semi-Automated Open Super Senior Division: Ivan Vogl (Gold)
The Shotgun Match was shot over four stages and in the end the following shooters were triumphant:
Manual Action Standard Division: Jan van Greunen (Gold), Stavros Beukes (Silver), Jorn Schmidt-Dumont (Bronze)
Manual Action Standard Senior Division : Valdemar Swart (Gold)
Semi-Automated Standard Division: Rico Viljoen (Gold), Jason Sivertsen (Silver)
Semi-Automated Open Division : Jorn Schmidt-Dumont (Gold), Corné du Plessis (Silver), Pieter du Plessis (Bronze)
Semi-Automated Open Super Senior Division: Ivan Vogl (Gold)
Overall match results were as follows:
Production Division – Jorn Schmidt-Dumont
Standard Division – Rico Viljoen
Classic Division – Jason Sivertsen
Open Division – Hardi Dedekind
Rifle Semi-Automatic Standard Division – Jason Sivertsen
Rifle Semi-Automatic Open Division – Rico Viljoen
Shotgun Standard Division – Rico Viljoen
Shotgun Open Division – Jorn Schmidt-Dumont
Shotgun Manual Action Standard Division – Jorn Schmidt Dumont
The Tournament Overall winners were as follows:
Tournament Standard Gun Overall – Jason Sivertsen
Tournament Open Gun Overall – Rico Viljoen
For more information on Practical Shooting in Namibia, please contact Mr Rico Viljoen at or
For more information about Swakopmund Practical Shooting Club please visit the website

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