Pregnant women and mothers of infants in DRC shares their grievances

Pregnant mothers and mothers of infants of the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC) in Swakopmund suffer a great deal due to lack of water, ablution and electricity, especially during the first months after they gave birth.

Swakopmund Municipality Councillor Maria Elago spearheads a project of helping the pregnant women, mothers of infants and the elderly women of the DRC community by providing them with some daily necessities.
Yesterday, a total of 17 Pregnant Women of the DRC Clinic received baby clothes, blankets and nappies.
Twenty three mothers of infants also received some goodies, including clothes and toys. Additionally, twenty two elderly women received blankets and food hampers.
Councillor Elago believes providing for a few today will provide for many tomorrow. She encouraged the women present to go out and help others in return. “This is a circle of caring and how we live in the spirit of Harambee and usher the era of prosperity for all” said Elago.
In an interview with namib times Alvisia (32), a mother who have been living in DRC for over 15 years, said they (mothers of infants) experience a lot of challenges especially during the first five months after they have given birth.
They are alone at home and the walking distance to the community water tap is very lengthy.
“We are having problems with a lack of water. There are no ablution facilities and it is just difficult for someone who have just given birth to walk a far distance to the fetch water or to relief yourself”, she explained. Alvisia has a one month old baby. At home it is also a struggle. “We have to either struggle with gas stoves and the smell of gas is not so good for the baby or to make a fire outside the shack in the cold weather of Swakopmund due to a lack of electricity,” Alvisia explained.
Adding whenever she needs water, she has to wait for the school children to return, because she has no other means of fetching water.
Alvisia was very thankful for the parcel. She further said that they are also very thankful to Government for establishing a clinic which is exclusively for females. Here they receive all the attention they need from the nurses during pregnancies and also after they have given birth.
Dorothia (29) also a mother of a month old baby said she came to Swakopmund to live with her boyfriend. She has been in Swakopmund for a year and a few months now.
“I struggle a lot, I have no family here in Swakopmund and I have to do all chores, especially when my boyfriend is at work. I walk very far just to fetch water and luckily I have a very good neighbour who allows me to leave my baby with her while I fetch water.
We are unemployed but we are very hardworking and if Government might open a project for us here in DRC that will help us generate money we will work extra hard,” says Dorothia.
The ladies were all very happy to receive the items and thanked Councillor Elago.

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