Premier Sports Trading: Going beyond sport for a better world

Eileen van der Schyff

Premier Sports Trading (PST) donated basic needs to the value of N$1 000 and an amount of N$3 500 in cash to the Pap Mansion run by Barbra Kavita this past weekend. Apart from being an online licensed and registered betting company in Namibia, PST also tries to alleviate social issues and help those in need.

PST is comprised of two experienced bookmakers with over 50 years’ experience between them with sports betting all over the World since 1978. The spokesperson of PST, Franciska Ngodji told the Namib Times that they appreciate the loving efforts Kavita puts in to taking care of vulnerable children. “Kavita’s open and loving nature and the smell of home lures many children to her kitchen, as she always has a big pot of porridge on the stove to feed anyone in need.” Franciska said. Because of this Kavita’s house became known as the ‘Pap Mansion’. Kavita became known as the “mommy” in this area. “Children just show up. They come to the house for a meal or just to hang out and some even stay permanently.” Kavita said and smiled while asking: “Who am I to turn them away?” Kavita makes sure the children who end up staying with her permanently are clothed, educated and well-behaved. “I believe that love can elevate hope and make children better people, it is all that matters. I was also raised by a single mother; it is not easy, but children do not need to suffer because of it.” Kavita explained. Kavita highly appreciates the kind gesture of PST and said that it was the best Mother’s Day present ever.

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