Press Statement from the Rossmund Rebels

On 4 November 2016, a Swakopmund magistrate ruled that the Rossmund Golf Estate Home Owners Association (RGEHOA) has to approach the High Court of Namibia in order to rectify Notarial Bonds of Imposition that was registered against title deeds of properties at Rossmund using a non-existent section 21 Company registration number.
Should they be successful in their application to get rectification could they return to the magistrate’s court in their pursuing a claim for unpaid levies by disgruntled residents of Rossmund. To date, some 5 months have passed and no attempt to approach the High court has been made.
It has come to our attention now that the RGEHOA is now targeting individuals verbally, informing them that by handing in their title deeds and other documents, their faulty Notarial Bonds would be rectified free of charge by the lawyers that created this mess.
We strongly advise residents of Rossmund that anyone approached to do this, not conform with this request. It is just another manipulation to bypass a court ruling.
On 3 Feb 2017 Advocate Richard Metcalfe sent a letter to the RGEHOA, spelling out our settlement proposals. This has not been communicated to Rossmund residents.
For this reason, we are now publishing the letter so that all residents are duly informed. Rossmund residents will note that these proposals differ markedly from what was stated in the emailed communication of 31 Jan 2017 by the RGEHOA.
The Directors of the RGEHOA continue to mislead Rossmund residents into believing that they live in a golf estate. They are collecting levies on that basis and this is in total disregard of the court ruling that they first have to attend to rectification before financial claims can be entertained.
We strongly advise all Rossmund residents to not pay any levies with immediate effect. The non-existent Section 21 Company is a company of limited liability. It will therefore be impossible to claim back any payments made to them. There is an option open though to hold the Directors and the Developer accountable.
This will however be a protracted and expensive exercise. Not paying until legal issues are resolved is the easiest and most sensible thing to do.


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