Prisoner Rehabilitation Pertinent

The percentage average for first time offenders is significantly lower than re-offenders.
With a fluctuation in crime data ratings yearly, an intriguing question arises, “Is our penitentiary system rehabilitating offenders?” Recidivism rates can be dramatically lowered with specifically tailored courses or programs.
These programs can include short courses; practical or theory. Both government and the private sector have a role to play here.
An internal survey showed that offenders who took up community work or participated in training programs offered by the facility, were less likely to re-offend and had a better chance of re-entering society fully rehabilitated. It therefore makes sense why the percentage average for first time offenders is significantly lower than repeat offenders.
Earlier this month the Uhili Necessity Wellness Trust together with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Erongo regional office launched an E-learning Life Skills training program for inmates of the Swakopmund Correctional Facility.
This program focuses on teaching inmates how to manage their lives better, reflect on the past and make amends for wrong choices. Furthermore, inmates were introduced to basic computer literacy, anger management, substance abuse and basic parenting, to name but a few.
Eight offenders were selected based on good behaviour to attend the three-month course. “Uhili Necessity Wellness Trust is dealing with helping offenders to pursue excellency in their lives, so that after justice they will be good people with good characters. This will be achieved through the program”, said Penina Haimbondi the Founder of Uhili Necessity Wellness Trust.
Indeed, the community can be appreciative of efforts such as these that are aimed at rehabilitating and improving the lives of offenders. A reduction in recidivism is the result. Reports from inmates show their gratitude as they express the positive impact the program has had so far.
A call from Haimbondi, for more involvement from the private sector was echoed again at the Swakopmund SME Expo Fundraising Dinner in Swakopmund on Friday night. She called this “the best gift ever – giving to those who do not deserve it.”

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