Pro-Ed and WBPHS in finals

Rudi Bowe 

The Under 19 A and 15 B teams of Pro-Ed Academy and Under 19 B team of Walvis Bay Private High School (WBPHS) went through to their different league finals of the Metropolitan Board Schools Rugby Trophy competition after winning their semi-final matches over the past weekend.

The Under 19 A team of Pro-Ed beat De Duine 51 – 10 in the Under 19 A league semi-final and will play against Moria Academy. Moria Academy beat Elnatan 43 – 12 in their semi-final game, the Under 15 B team of Pro-Ed will play against Windhoek Gymnasium’s Under 15 B team in the Under 15 B league final. WBPHS II Under 19 team will play against Windhoek High School’s IV team in the Under 19 C league final.
The Under 19 Super League final will be between Windhoek High School and Elnatan.
All games will be played tomorrow at the Hage Geingob Rugby Stadium in Windhoek.
The semi-final results last Saturday were as follow:
U-14A – WAP 10-11 WBPHS
U-19D – HTS II 21-3 Rehoboth I
U-15B – Tsumeb Gym 13-17 Windhoek Gym
U-15B – Agri College 14-24 Pro-Ed
U-19C – HTS I 17-24 WBPHS II
U-15A – WHS 10-15 Moria
U-19B – Agri College I 23-32 Windhoek Gymnasium II
U-19A – De Duine I 10-51 Pro-Ed I
U-19A- Elnatan I 12-43 Moria I
U-19S – Tsumeb Gymnasium I 32-21 WHS I
U-19S – WAP I 20- 12 Windhoek Gymnasium I

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