Pro Tennis Academy rewards outstanding players

The Pro Tennis Academy (PTA) has rewarded their most outstanding players at their yearly award ceremony last week.

During the festive event in the capital, PTA head coach and tournament director, Romeo van Wyk, recognized the academies exceptional performances as well as the winners of this year’s PTA tournament series that stretched over the entire year with the season finale being played at the beginning of November.
“We can look back at a very successful year. Both the academy and the tennis series have made huge strides forward and we are sure we can continue on this path next year,” van Wyk said.
Tresia Auala had a night to remember as she was awarded the academies most improved female player of the year after improving her game tremendously since joining the PTA at the beginning of the year.
Arnaud Marais completed his jaw-dropping season after being recognized with the most improved male player of the year title. Marais’ exploits included winning the midi category of the tournament series for a second time in a row.
Meanwhile Dudley Minnie received the prestigious Sportsman of the year accolade. Minnie had a great series season in the advanced category after coming in third behind Cleet Farmer and Godwin Husselmann, showing great sportsmanship in the process. Faith Kahuure clinched the Sportswomen of the year title.
The series top athletes also got their share of trophies. Vaniah Mumba won the mini division ahead of sibling Jaedyn Mumba. Marais got his second price of the evening as winner of the midi category ahead of Samuel Mayinoti and Eila Kambonde.
Delicia Dirkse was in a class of her own in the newly formed intermediate ladies division, beating Faith Kahuure and Melanie D’Alton to the first place. Randel Kavandje held on to the top spot in the men’s intermediate class, successfully fighting off a late resurgence from Mike Kambonde. The third place went to Christopher Jansen. Cleet Farmer had a less trouble defending his title in the advanced category. He was, however, given a run for his money as Godwin Husselmann, winning two tournaments, showed that he is a force to be reckoned with in the future.
For more information please contact PTA head coach and tournament director Romeo at or 081 234 9523.

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