Prosecutor General to decide on alleged sexual predator’s case

namib times 19 June 2015

      Mr Dragan Vujicin (63) who has been accused of  sexually abusing four minors,  appeared in the

 Swakopmund Magistrate court yesterday, after final investigations were completed.



The case waspostponed to 16 November for the Pro- secutor General to make a final decision.


dragan 10157272_644170458963446_2659711150122454798_n (3)

At the accused’s previous appearance technical errors occurred (no finger prints on the docket) which caused the case to be time-consuming. He is fa-cing charges relating to the alleged abuse of four girls aged between seven and nine years old.

His arrest followed an incident whereby he allegedly sexually assaulted a minor, while he was alone with several children.

He appeared in the Swakopmund Magistrate ‘s

court yesterday. It was understood that all investigations have been finalised and the docket is ready for the Prosecutor General to make a final decision regarding this case.

His bail has been exten-


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