Protocols for Covid-19 burials

The burial of people who succumb to Covid-19 or Covid-19 related illness is buried by the Namibian Government, at Government’s cost. However, where family members request the burial to take place at a place as directed by Government, the cost of the burial would be for such family.

At burials, very specific Covid-19 protocols are prescribed to ensure that mourners and people conducting the burial are protected.
∙Only 10 mourners are allowed at the grave site. Of these, only two mourners are allowed a distance of three meters from the grave. This is allowed only if these mourners wear full personal protective equipment (PPE).
∙The remaining eight mourners are allowed only at a distance of ten meters from the grave.
∙Staff members from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, or an accredited undertaker, must after the coffin has been placed into the grave, cover the coffin with soft sand. Mourners are then allowed to place earth, leaves, flowers or anything else into the grave. Mourners are then allowed to fill the remainder of the grave.
All tools used must be sterilised after the burial.

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