Public concerned over “smelly” water pumped into lagoon

Residents and tourists were rather skeptical on Sunday over this semi-purified effluent water (semi-purified sewerage water) that drained in to the Walvis Bay lagoon. The water was a dark brown, smelly mass which created a whitish foam as it flowed into the lagoon.

Residents for many weeks now complain that the semi-purified effluent actually damages lawns and gardens and is exceptionally smelly.
“This does not look good, especially not to our tourists”, protested a resident on Sunday. Semi-purified effluent are drained from several points in the municipal system into the Walvis Bay lagoon. That is only done if the system is over-burdened.
A municipal spokesperson assured the public on Sunday that despite the unusual darker water colour and very smelly, it is purified to a standard required environmentally and is not doing the marine environment any harm.

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