Public urged to start donating blood as matter of urgency

Due to state of emergency and measures announced by the President which are aimed at containing the spread of SARS-COV-2 (Corona virus), blood collections drives have been severely affected. The closing of schools, universities and other training institutions has forced NAMBTS to cancel blood drives and some companies which are still operating have not allowed them to conduct blood drives at their premises either. This has led to a drop in blood collections by 50% and as a result, NAMBTS has started to ration and reduce blood units supplied to blood banks and hospitals across the country.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services wishes to inform the public that Coronavirus (Covid-19) cannot be transmitted by donation or transfusion. The biggest challenge of the Covid-19 Pandemic is to maintain sufficient stocks of blood for patients in need.
The Ministry of Health and Social Services would like to further confirm and assure prospective donors that it is safe to donate blood, that NamBTS has implemented all necessary safety measures needed to ensure donor clinics environment are safe enough to protect blood donors from contracting Coro-navirus and would like to urge everybody to continue donating blood.
Your cooperation and continual support to NamBTS with regards to hosting blood donation clinics and encouraging blood donation is really important to ensuring sufficient blood supply to Namibian patients countrywide.

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