Pupkewitz Schools Gala

The Pupkewitz Schools Gala will take place tomorrow at swimming pools in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Oranjemund.

NASU is extremely grateful to the Pupkewitz Foundation for their generous sponsorship of the event. So far we have 546 entries from 26 different Primary and Secondary Schools across Windhoek.
Swakopmund and Oranjemund are still confirming their numbers. But an estimated 150 swimmers will take part in Oranjemund and 70 in Swakopmund. NASU is please to be able to maintain this swimming tradition to allow more children to access and experience the thrill of a gala.
The Swakopmund gala will take place at the Cupe at the Dome on Friday afternoon (15:00 – 17:30) and again on Saturday (08:00 – 07:30). We are looking forward to seeing all the various schools in their glory and to hear the support and joy that the children bring to the event.

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