Quadrangular 2018

This past weekend, from Friday to Sunday, the Namibia Bowling Association hosted an International Quadrangular Test series. Four teams competed, namely Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and an NBA Invitation team. In addition to this, a three Test series was played between Namibian Veterans and Veterans from Zimbabwe. Unfortunately Botswana did not send a Veterans team.
This Test series takes place every two years and is hosted, in turn, by the different participating countries. The Test series started as an Annual Test between South Africa and Namibia, in which the National teams competed. It then became a Triangular test series when Zimbabwe was invited to join. Three years ago, South Africa entered an additional team, the Junior Proteas, and the competition became a Quad-rangular, with South Africa’s two teams Zimbabwe and Namibia participating. Subsequently, due to lack of sponsorship, South Africa withdrew and Botswana was invited to play in South Africa’s place. It was also decided that the host nation would be allowed to enter two teams, the National team and an Invitation team.
A Test comprises games in all four disciplines, namely singles, fours, trips and pairs. Three points are awarded for a win and one for a tie. Medals were awarded for each discipline and for overall men and ladies. A trophy was awarded to the country that ended first overall.
The results were as follows:
Men Ladies
Namibia Zimbabwe
NBA Invitation Team Botswana
Triples Namibia
NBA Invitation Team Namibia
Overall Namibia Namibia
Country Overall: Namibia
In the Veteran’s Test series, the men’s and ladies’points are added together to determine the winners, although medals were awarded for each discipline:
Men Ladies
Singles Zimbabwe Namibia
Pairs Namibia Namibia
Triples Namibia Zimbabwe
Fours Zimbabwe Namibia
Overall: Namibia
It was a very successful tournament, in spite of the bitterly cold weather. The two guest countries, thoroughly enjoyed them-selves and complimented Namibia on their hospitality. The NBA elected a new executive at the end of July this year, so they had only seven weeks to organise the event. Avril Kotze, one of Namibia’s veteran bowlers commented, “The new NBA executive has done a brilliant job.” The players from Botswana said they had a great time and will come back whenever we invite them again. The team from Zimbabwe enjoyed the tournament, but Champion Sibanda, one of the veterans, bemoaned the fact that there was no sudsa (mielie pap) on the menu.

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