Quarrel over bottle of wine ends in bloody death

A man bleeds death between 06:00-06:30 on Saturday in Ekuatalike Street, in the DRC informal settlement after an alcohol-fuelled, violent rage during an argument with his girlfriend over a bottle of Tassenberg wine. The deceased was identified as Joel Somseb (37).

According to Nampol spokesperson in Erongo, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, Somseb engaged in an argument with his live-in partner, Ms Rosalia Afrikaner (44). Afrikaner bought a bottle of Tassenberg and refused to share with Somseb.
During this argument Somseb allegedly slapped his girlfriend twice in the face. She entered their home without retaliating to the assault.
Somseb decided to move out of the house, but said he will first destroy everything which he had contributed to as improvements to the house.
He started with the windows by smashing it with clenched fists.
In the process he sustained a deep cut wound to the inside of his right forearm.
It is further alleged Somseb continued with his violent rage bleeding heavily. He collapsed and died. The incident occurred with families and members of the community witnessing. The deceased was certified dead by the medical staff on the scene and the body taken to the police mortuary.

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