Race to Cape Town 2019

This year the rules of The Race to Cape Town have been changed, to try to give more members a realistic chance of winning and to reward players who have performed the best during certain stages.

It will be based on a Fedex Cup type of system as follows:
From 12 January to 27 July all members participate.
From 3 August to 28 September only the top 30 and ties participate in the main division and all the rest participate in a wild card division.
From 5 October to 30 November only the top 10 and ties, and 2 wildcards participate.
On the 7 December at the Winner of winners the top 4 qualifying members play for the tickets.
Determining the winner of the Race to Cape Town 7 Dec 2019
A. If you are one of the 4 qualifiers and cannot play in the Winner of winners’ competition then you are not legible to win the prize. No one will replace you in the final.
B. The 4 players will be drawn in the same four ball and the format will be a medal competition with the winner being the lowest net scorer.
C. In the case of a tie after 18 holes, then there will be a sudden death playoff.
D. The playoff will commence on hole number one and the players will take their strokes as indicated on the scorecard.

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